Let’s walk a trip to the city of the rich gold-bearing area.

Named after Jose Maria Amador a ranchero, Amador city is located along historic Highway 49 in California’s Gold Country. If you have a flavor for dainty shopping, you will find it cultured for its picturesque shopping flavors and dining places. The shops are designed on the old charming patterns of history for the city walkers. Apart from this, the city offers about 20 Amador county wineries, live theatre, golf courts etc. The other spectacular locations for you would be:

  • Kling building (Amador Whitney Museum): keeping a track of a burnt saloon on George King in June 1878, it’s updated to its current name of Amador Whitney Museum.
  • Fleehart building: known as the only survived- building in the great fire of June 1878, it is also one of the oldest building of the Amador City dating back from 1860’s or more.
  • Original Amador mine: known as the ‘little Amador’ is among the first two gold mines in the county.

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Wikipedia link: www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amador_City,_California
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