Half way down the San Franciscan peninsula between San Carlos and San Mateo is the city of Belmont. An upscale city, Belmont stands for its spice of Italian architecture such as the Ralston Hall. If on a tour around the city, one can observe many attractions such as the ‘Waterdog Lake’ and the Panama Pacific Exposition. There are also several tapestry segments such as the urban chic residents, the laptops and lattes, and the connoisseurs. While the urban chic residents stand for the well-educated professionals living an exclusive lavish lifestyle, the laptops and lattes are affluent and single and partial to city life. The leisure activities, which of course can be enjoyed well by visitors too, include movies, rock concerts, museums, nightclubs and shows. The connoisseurs are also well educated but belong to the elderly class enjoying their community and social life. The city is recklessly beautiful and renders amazing opportunities to visit and stay!

Official Website: www.belmont.gov
Wikipedia link: www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belmont,_California