Formerly known as Biggs Station, the city of Biggs is nestled in the south of Butte County; it is often referred to the place ‘where the people own the water and the power’! Biggs is located approximately 25 miles south of Chico city and 25 miles north of Yuba City. A predominantly residential settlement, Biggs has maintained its small town character since its establishment. Agriculture has always been the support of this economy with wheat and other grains; rice and dairy farming was introduced a little later and ever since that, it has picked up drastically!

The city also boasts of its rustic character, a blend of the remaining older homes with modest dwellings of recent constructions. Also popular as the ‘heart of rice country’, the city of Biggs homes one of America’s largest rice mills. The city is also in the heart of California’s foremost waterfowl and bird-hunting area. A growing and attractive city of the community!

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