The beautiful site of Cameron Park is relatively a newer community nestled in the Northern California Gold County (which is part of the El Dorado County) of the Sierra Nevada foothills. This colorful community is encircled by thick trees and shrubs. Cameron Park is flooded with several shopping areas; it seems the shopaholics would enjoy their heart out with their shopping sprees. Apart from that, many golf courses, a country club, a pool complex and recreational lake as well as the Cameron Airpark Estates add to the recreation in the town. The lake is an ideal picnic spot encircled by a natural trail, boat rentals, playgrounds, tennis courts and a beautiful sandy beach with a separate swimming area! This Cameron Park Lake, which is also the site for the ‘Annual Summer Spectacular’ features several animals such as aquatic fowls, turtles, black bass, bluegill and the black crappie fish! It turns out to be an enjoyable holiday site!

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