A common center during the years of Californian Gold Rush, Camptonville is a little town nestled in the northeast of Yuba County and it is just 36 miles northeast of Marysville, so you could drive it down. It is wonderfully ornamented on the ridge between the North and South Fork of the pretty Yuba River and is a prominent tourist spot. Visitors are rather enthralled by its ‘golden’ history; it was also earlier popularly called the Gold Ridge. It would amazing to know that this little town once homed over 50 saloons and a bowling alley; even today, you could visit the most primate saloon (Mayo Saloon) opened in the town along with the popular monument of the Pelton Wheel. The history of the town speaks for itself through the rustic Mountain House, the Sleighville Inn and also the Oregon Creek.

Official Website: www.camptonville.com
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