Not to be confused with the relatively polished town of Carmel, Carmel Valley is a little village nearby, in the county of Monterey. The river Carmel drains into the Carmel Valley and so it is treasure of rich flora and fauna. Nature’s abundance is evident by the lavish oak woodlands, Chaparral, Riparian Woodland, the grasslands and the Savanna. The village takes immense pride in its wine-tasting rooms, something most of us thrive to enjoy during our leisure times. A gourmand, especially of wines, would have a blast in this village with a number of high-end hotels also affiliated with several wineries. Some of the wineries, where you could even taste some wine include Boete, Chateau Sinnet, Bernardus, Chateau Julien, Galante, Heller Estate, San Saba, Georis, Joullian village, Talbott and Parsonage. Drive down to these place or take the public bus, but make sure to go down here when in the Carmel Valley village.

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