The Santa Clara County boasts of yet another attractive city that homes the Apple Inc. and that is none other than Cupertino, located to the west of San Jose. Cupertino is basically a suburban residential region with technical and i ndustrial developments and a relatively high standard of living. The busiest intersection of the two main thoroughfares, Stevens Creek and De Anza Boulevards, forms an equivalent to a downtown. Two huge open-air shopping center and a high-raised city center (which in turn includes Le Boulanger Bakery, offices, condominiums, Armadillo Willy’s Barbecue restaurant and the Cypress hotel) border the so called downtown. It also takes pride in its rich art and culture portrayed during fests and festivals and environmental friendly associations. The city is well planned and one can find both peaceful as well as a fast life here based on personal preferences. It sure is great to grow up here.

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