The majestic Pacific Ocean’s coast and also the county of Santa Cruz takes pride in the ecstatic town of Davenport. To describe in a few words, Davenport stands for those beautiful dreamy beaches with rustic rocks and standing stones that you might have dreamt or watched in films. The town is indeed noted for its spectacular cliffs and bluffs just over the Pacific Ocean and of course the beaches between the cliffs, rendering great adventures of surfing and basking. If you seek for some mystic history in the town, the Davenport Jail is notable which is today a museum portraying the ‘coastal history’ of the town. Davenport als o has awesome restaurants serving some great sea platters and art galleries. Of commercial interest, a cement plant is located here. But it is advisable that when in Davenport, you ought to desensitize yourself from the material world and indulge into nature’s spectacular creations.

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