Going through one of the oldest communities in the Amador County that is believed to be the first one that originated Gold’s discovery, has a longing of its own! But you don’t have to go by its name that carries ‘dry’, it stands opposite to it, rather it carries about 26 saloons at a time. On your visit to this Pandora of historical remembrances, you must find its revered town-hall and the other master-pieces giving insights of the historical structures. Moreover it offers you with a few more landmarks like:

Drytown marker: located at the Hanford Street, it has about 8 other markers within 3 miles of its own location. A few of them are: Salute to Early Amador Miners, Early Day Butcher Shop, Fremont Gover Mine, and Amador City Cemetery etc. It’s a perfect spot for fishing & camping along with gift-shoppes, eating joints, events and other outdoor fun.

Official Website: none
Wikipedia link: www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drytown,_California