Duncans Mills is certainly the most quaint and picturesque town of the Sonoma County that boasts of its genuine Northwest Pacific Rail Depot and the museum. Owing to the town’s proximity to the Russian River, visitors can choose from an array of activities while in the Duncans Mills town. In fact, the town was originally known as the Russian River Valley town and later got named as Duncans Mills. So, activities include kayaking, fishing, canoeing, boating and swimming. Hiking and biking can be enjoyed in the nearby state parks while the several wineries rugged on the Pacific Coast render great means to grab some delicious fresh wines. The Festival of Art and Wines conducted in the Duncans Mills represent great forms of art and handicrafts from local artists, amazing musical entertainment as well as wine and micro-brew tasting!

Official Website: www.duncansmills.net
Wikipedia link: www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duncans_Mills,_California