A dramatically scenic and the second largest city of the Sacramento County is none other than the Elk Grove, located just south of the capital Sacramento. It has also being identified as the fifth largest school district of California with several schools and universities. Enormous public libraries also flood the Elk Grove. Portraying a very pleasant climate, the Elk Grove is truly beautiful and appeasing to the eyes. Local major attractions include the Laguna Creek Parkway that features the wetlands and open spaces, the walking and riding trails and opportunities such as bird watching and fishing. Other attractions include Stone Lakes Refuge which is dedicated to the National Wildlife Refuge and the Cosumnes River Preserve which is a riparian habitat running along the river Cosumnes Other recreational facilities include gold courses and theatres, health clubs, parks and restaurants serving delicious platters. One could shop and shop the whole day here in Elk Grove!

Official Website: www.elkgrovecity.org
Wikipedia link: www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elk_Grove,_California