The southernmost city of the Santa Clara County is the city that is well known for its garlic crops and that is the city of Gilroy. The Gilroy Garlic Festival, that features delicious garlicky foods, including a garlic ice cream, is popular t hroughout America. Though it does not lead the production of garlic, it is still recognized as the ‘Garlic Capital of the World’. This community with a spice for life is great not only to visit, but even to be settled. It is proud of its peaceful residential area and is an award winning location for its parks, golf courses and also its ‘urban forest’. Entertainment seems to unlimited in Gilroy with a number of parks, recreational programs, libraries, museums, and much more. A Californian historical landmark, the Gilroy Yamato Hot Springs also lies on the Gilroy Hot Springs road and the city is also a home to a large shopping mall with numerous alluring outlet stores.

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