Nuzzled away about 16 miles southeast of Salinas is a popular wine cultivation area of Gonzales. So while you are here in the Wine Capital of Monterey County, amidst the pastoral splendor of Gonzales, you could visit wineries such as Pisoni Vineyards, Paul Masson Vineyards, Boekenoogen Winery, Blackstone, Constellation Wines, Robert Talbott Vineyards and Salinas Valley Vineyards. It is thoroughly a safe, hygienic and family friendly community which is rich in its heritage. One could experience the small town charm here in Gonzales. The climate is beautiful and visitors have reported their experience here as a friendly, hospitable place. Restaurants and hotels render excellent services and apart from that, there are a number of activities to enjoy here. This rustic town is great not only to spend just a day, but also ideal to start a business and raise a family!

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