Decked on the eastern banks of the River Sacramento is yet another rustic town of Kirkville. It is exactly situated to the south of Hinsdale and Cranmore, southwest of Subaco and also northwest to Robbins. Like Catlett, you would find tremendous greenery around Kirkville, more specifically the valley grasslands as well as the riparian forests. Set against this beautiful backdrop, one could find pretty handsome places to visit in Kirkville such as the historic Cole Point, the El Dorado Bend, the Little Poker Bend and the Poker Bend. If you love the lakes, you could visit the Collins Eddy Lake or the Hiatt Lake or the Horseshoe Lake or even the Mystic Lake to relish the pleasure of a lake side picnic or party while simultaneously indulging in the authentic flavors of the county. Certainly one of the prides of Sutter County!

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