Just about 2 miles south of the huge tourist town Mendocino is the little town of Little River. The less densely populated town of Little River rests on a bluff overlooking a famous state beach where divers would love to stay. Plus, the Van Damme State Park here is a wonderful place for its exotic scenery and is the abode of the Pygmy Forest which is a wooded arena bearing mature, cone-bearing cypress as well as pine trees. Bicyclists and joggers enjoy this park for it renders awesome opportunity for the activities amidst a perfect atmosphere. At the state park, you could also benefit from the Kayak tours of the coast. The town had originally been a beautiful natural place but was inhabited by the lumbering and shipyard industry for a while. By the turn of the 20th century, the industries dried up, leaving the town of Little River to its serenity forever. So you could find some of the rich past ruins and feel in the town!

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