A proud county seat of the Yuba County, Marysville is the place where you ought to head to first and then plan your trip around the nature-dipped county! Like the other communities, Marysville also bears a lavish history and one would find several historic sites around the settlement. It is just 40 miles from Sacramento and basically lies in the beautiful Sacramento Valley. On the south and east of the Marysville is the Yuba River and by the west is the River Feather and this means lots of water activities and fun. It has a mild Mediterranean climate and there are a lot of parks as well in Marysville, including the Bryant Field, Beckwourth Riverfront Park Complex, the East Lake and the Ellis Lake. Apart from these, there is the famous Mary Aaron Memorial Museum, the Bok Kai Temple and the Bok Kai Festival and Parade which keep visitors enthralled throughout the trip. It is great idea to find a decent and reasonable accommodation here in Marysville, see around the town and also plan day trips around Marysville!

Official Website: www.marysville.ca.us
Wikipedia link: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marysville,_California