Just two miles east of the Pescadero State Beach is the jubilant town of Pescadero. This is basically a farming and ranching community, close by to the Pescadero Marsh (a wildlife refuge). It serves as a great weekend tourist destination during the summers owing to the beaches and plus number of parks such as Butano State Park and memorial park along with the exclusively rural biking and hiking trails compliment the beach sports. Several notable attractions also include the Pescadero Country Store, the Duarteā€™s Tavern and the Harley Farms Goat Diary and the Taqueria y Mercado de Amigos which is an acclaimed taqueria. Being a coastal area, the weather is extremely suitable for the vacations; mild and dry summers with cool and wet winters feature Pescadero. The existence of the beach makes it a hotspot for holidaying; it is certainly most stress-relieving and relaxing to be Pescadero.

Official Website: www.pescadero-california.com
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