To the south of big city Chico and west of Oroville is the small farming community of Richvale which is also popular as Richland, Silbys Switch and Silsby. Quite interestingly, legend says that the name Richvale was coined by con-men to sell worthless plots of land to the wheat farmers from Kansas & Nebraska. Talking of the land, owing to the adobe soil’s ability to retain water and thus remain flooded, the land makes it perfect for rice paddy and since years now, rice has become the primary crop of the region. The lands are irrigated by the surface water of River Feather. Also, many farmers in the region are also popular for their organic farming. Notable places in Richvale include the Richvale Airport and Richvale Café. Significant structures also include Richvale Elementary School, the fire department, post office and Lundberg Family Farms.

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