The county seat and undoubtedly the largest city of the county is the upscale city of Santa Cruz. Located on the northern edge of Monterey Beach, Santa Cruz bears a mild weather throughout the year. The classic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on the beach, the Monterey Bay and the redwood forests stand as great options of amusement. It is quite natural that the downtown of such graded cities is also included amongst the attractions for they are thoroughly lively, vibrant and active throughout day and night. The downtow n includes several theatres, book stores, shopping centers, museums, nightclubs and loads of color. There are also many beaches and parks to enjoy in Santa Cruz including the Natural Bridges State park, the Lighthouse Field State park, the Twin Lakes State Beach, Santa Cruz Mission State Historical Park and also the Seabright State Beach. So it goes without saying that recreational activities also include water sports and beach activities along with the rustic fun in an upscale city as such.

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