Off the Highway 80 and very nearby the Donner Summit is the settlement of Soda Springs and one ought to reach the Soda Springs Ski Resort for some ultimate snow fun!  The settlement below the ski resort is pretty small while the resort is adept with all the lodging and other facilities. While it takes varied experiences in snow resorts, the Soda Springs Ski Resort can cater to you a different experience with snow tubing. It has a gated and fenced access around the skiing area and offers skiing activities are very reasonable rates. And while the adults can relish skiing and snow tubing from good heights, kids would adore the Planet Kids section, specifically designed for kids and here, they can enjoy activities such as tube carousels, volcano climbing, tubing lanes and much more. Children can also relish the joy of driving a mini snowmobile all by them. And also, having a party blast amidst the snow could turn out to be your best party!

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