If you are looking for high profound sophistication in the county of El Dorado, you have got to be in South Lake Tahoe, located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. While the eastern side of the city is abundant with tourism, restaurants, first rate hotels, kiosks and shops, resorts and casinos, the western side is predominantly occupied by lavish residential areas. From the shores, the view of the lake is utterly ecstatic and panoramic, like one of those we watch in films and advertisements! Bearing a highland type of climate with mild summers and snowy winters, South Lake Tahoe serves to be an excellent holiday option. In addition, the city is amidst the gigantic mountains where one can not only enjoy its scenic picturesque, but also relish great adventure sports such as trekking and hiking, snow activities and loads of shopping! Perfect holiday spot in all aspects!

Official Website: www.cityofslt.us
Wikipedia link: www.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Lake_Tahoe,_California
Other links: www.visitinglaketahoe.com