One of the upscale cities of San Mateo County certainly include South San Francisco which lies to the north of San Bruno. Major portion of the valley faces the San Franciscan Bay, thus affording panoramic bay views from higher altitudes. Though it is not a famous tourist destination, it is certainly a vital landmark to anyone who travels along the San Franciscan Peninsula. The city is also featured with several parks with the largest one of them being the Orange Memorial Park. It is a huge park with soccer fields, picnic grounds and softball fields, tennis courts, bocce balls, basketball courts,etc. There is also a colorful marina along the shores of San Franciscan Bay. The city is excellent during the Christmas with the Parkway Estates and Lilac Lane decked with lights and vibrance. Bowling alleys, walkways, bike trails and restaurants serving exquisite delicacies are in abundance here. It is one place tourists would not miss for sure.

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