Decked on the western banks of the River Feather is the ecstatic town of South Yuba City. It is encircled by the grand Yuba City, Bogue and the magnificent Sutter National Wildlife Refuge and is certainly one of the most vivacious places in the Sutter County. Owing to its proximity to the national wildlife refuge, wildlife lovers are surely going to have a great time; kids as well would adore the natural backdrop. In addition, the Holly Tree Park and West Walton Park are also great places to entertain and one amazing place to savor traditional as well as international tastes is the Fireside Restaurant and Sports Bar. Tourists are often fascinated by the several churches and temples spread in the South Yuba City. These structures are excellent sites to see the traditional art forms and architecture! It’s an amazing trip through the past and present while visiting South Yuba City!

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