The proud county seat of the Sutter County is the gorgeous Yuba City which is also popularly recognized as the ‘Prune Capital of the World’! If there is sophistication amidst the natural beauty that you are looking for, Yuba City is just for you. It is positioned on the western bank of the River Feather and this place is full of activity, entertainment and enthusiasm. There are innumerous parks that are very beautifully constructed and maintained as well. There is also the Mosquito Beach & Boat Ramp which is worth a visit along with these several parks. Right from Harter Park, Kingwood Park, Hillcrest Park, Maple Park, to the Patriot Park, Regency Park, Sam Brannan Park, Southside Park and Yuba-Scutter Dog Park, every park is worth a visit while in the city in addition to the various shopping avenues. Gourmands are going to have a great time exploring the different tastes in the countless first-rate restaurants like Cook n Pot, Margie’s Diner, The Spur, Town Pump, Dowers Tavern, Downtown Grill and so many more! With unlimited activities to do and countless entertainment options, Yuba City occupies your entire holiday package leaving you with sweet memories!

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